Reputation Management

You can't afford to be defined by underhanded competitors or eccentric former customers.
Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of maintaining a positive reputation of your online presence by minimizing negative comments or information about your company. This is done primarily through the process of Search Engine Optimization and this process helps in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
In dealing with your company's ORM, angry counter attacks will only further damage your reputation by calling more attention to the negative reviews about your organization. Since these difficult situations necessitate quality expertise, our dedicated team is solely responsible for improving your online presence and reputation. Certified Ratings not only helps you mitigate negative publicity, but also creates more authentic, positive reviews. In turn, this diminishes the effects of the negative, damaging comments posted by your dissatisfied customers or fake reviews left by "spammers".
Our Reputation Management program helps you take control of what is being said about you on the Internet.

Take Control of Your Brand

When potential customers find your business on the Internet, don't let them get overwhelmed by negative feedback that portrays you in the worst possible light. If you don't control your online reputation, potential customers are going to be scared off by all the dishonest negative content.

SEOTake Control of Your Brand
We will examine your website to identify technical errors that hinder your performance. We offer a diagnostic test for your website that includes checks for broken links, canonical issues, page speed, site architecture, URL names, images and/or multimedia elements, well organized sitemaps and many other technical ranking factors.

CompetitveDrown Out Negative Content
We use the most powerful Search Engine Optimization tactics to drown out all the unfair negative content. We help you improve your online reputation so that when potential customers find your business on the Internet, they find positive feedback.

KeywordsRebuild Your Reputation
• Push negative press past 2nd page of Google and the other search engines
• Rebuild your online business presence
• Create barriers for any future negativity

ContentReputation Management Features
• Content generation
• Guerilla Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Linking strategy

• A stronger brand with more positive content about your business
• Positive feedback and reviews at the top of the search engines
• Push back negative content so prospects can't easily find it.

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